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UWE Sub Update – New Internal Framework

The plan is to mount all electronics on a slider so that they can easily be removed and worked on, only problem is that there is no way to mount this inside of the fire extinguisher. This has been solved by adding an internal structure allowing the rail to be held in position easily. I designed this in Solid Edge, then it was lazercut and assembled.


Not all ribs were cut to save on materials used but already this is far stronger than expected.


SAUCE Rough Design

Just a pic of the way we intend to layout the new sub design.

rough sub layout

……yes, we are using a fire extinguisher as the hull.


Student Autonomous Underwater vehicle Challenge – Europe

So what is SAUC-E??

“Held since 2006, SAUC-E challenges the next generation of engineers to design and build an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) capable of performing realistic missions”(

Getting Involved.

Every year a UWE team enters the SAUC-E competition and have done well in the past against some very high budget teams. This year i am part of the UWE team and will be involved in both hardware design/build and software for the sub. After having problems with keeping the hull watertight last year we have decided to build a new sub based around a new hull. I will make sure to keep you updated on progress as its made, in the meantime heres a link to last years sub