Diy FatShark Diversity

For a long time now I have been trying to reject the fact that i really need to buy new FPV goggles. My current ones are low resolution and only have 8 channels but they still work, making it hard to justify spending ludicrous amounts of money replacing them. The only real extra features to be found on newer models is that they have external receivers allowing you to install custom diversity modules that support more channels.

I thought to myself . . .why cant i just add these features to my current goggles. So i created the Diy FatShark Diversity.

For electronics hardware i purchased a cheep diversity diversity reciever from banggood ( ) .

This is based off of the fantastic rx5808-pro-diversity project by Sheaivey on github ( ).

I then set about designing an enclosure to house this that would conform to my current goggles. I have recently been experimenting with using Fusion360 to design parts ( you can get a full featured version for free as a hobbyist). I decided that would be my first serious project in Fusion360. i managed to come up with the following result in just 2 evenings. renders were done using the inbuilt rendering tools.

I printed this part on a FormLabs “Form 1” SLA 3D Printer in clear resin.img_20160711_162834

This required a small amount of cleanup to remove print supports but overall i was pleased with print quality.

Assembly was relatively straight forward, only requiring a small amount of manual filing around the antenna holes as the board must be inserted at an angle before being able to lie flat.

The unit is powered from the balance port on the goggles and uses the aux jack on the goggles to provide video, this mean that the goggles remain unmodified if i ever want to sell them.img_20160915_191022

These new goggles now have all the channels supported by newer models but also have diversity and frequency scanning capability which is not even avalable on the most expensive stock goggles.img_20160915_191106

Hopefully these upgrades will help me reject the fact that i need to upgrade for a little longer.

Files can be found on my Thingiverse at



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