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Project Phoenix – Its All Over, But How Did We Do?

Now that SAUC-e is over and the team have had some time to recover i feel that a large post is in order to let you know how we got on. This will cover our journey from beginning to end, including the highs and lows, starting from when we left Bristol. (Warning – long read – picture heavy)

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Project Phoenix – Metalwork

The sauce team just finished cleaning up and fitting all of the metalwork that we got back from L.W.Jenkins Ltd and guess what . . . .


Seeing it all built makes me feel like all the time spent doing the parts in CAD were worth it in the end.

Just have to pick up and pack the hire car tomorrow ready to leave early on Wednesday.

Phoenix at RapidOnline

Rapid – our main sponsors for our AUV have just put up an article about SAUC-E and Project Phoenix.


Just thought i should re-post as im mentioned in the article.

Project Phoenix Update – its watertight.


Another busey day in the lab today with the rest of the SAUC-e team. We got the motor’s and drivers working, framework cut/built  and sealed the hull up. Good news is its waterproof, bad news is we have to open it all back up tomorrow to fit all of the electronics back in. Hopefully we can have it driving around the uni pond by the end of tomorrow, can’t wait.

Project Phoenix Update – Panic before the 14th

In order to secure our funding we have been given till the 14th to have the sub sealed, in the water and manually controllable. This is a lot to accomplish in only a week so its full speed ahead with progress to meet this deadline.



Today i have designed and cut the main electronics tray and a new sealing plate with holes for connectors. We have also been ordering parts like crazy in the hope that they will arrive before Friday.

Project Phoenix Update – Wings

imageJust made up some quick mounts for our thrusters so that we can start testing some of the motor control. hopefully we can get it sealed up and in the water soon.


UWE Sub Update – The Rise of the Phoenix

In mythology, a phoenix is an immortal bird that, when it dies, bursts into flames and is reborn.wpid-IMG_20130426_101115.jpg

The new hull has just come back from the painters and it looks awesome. It shows how much we have achieved already this year. New Sub, New Team, New Start.

UWE Sub has died and from its ashes Project Phoenix has been born.