250 Slim Build now with FPV

a few weeks ago i got some FPV fitted to the slim build.

Its been flying great and has quickly become my favorite build. running a tiny camera and a tiny 200mW vTx.

Next to my radio for scale.

Need to move antennas in to switch to 6″ props but it flies good. Got some good camera angle and nice wide Field of View (110 degrees)

After crashing their plane a friend asked if i wanted to use up their batteries. Sure what could go wrong.

I was surprised to find this little quad using 1706 hobbyking motors and 12A ESC was able to carry a 3000Mah 4S quite happily. But it did carry a lot of momentum. A Tree caught me out before i could get a full flight time using this setup.

Switched to 6030 gemfans

Hope they don’t explode when i get some 4S batteries

Action Shot

Testing PID’s on Betaflight

Just switched to Boris B’s Betaflight.
Just trying to get it super smooth so i can get some video.


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