Hexapod Update

So the new Hexapod hardware has been in use for a few weeks now. Thought you guys deserved some pictures of it assembled.

The hardware has bump stops so that it does not damage servos when in a closed position.

Normal standing stance.

Head-on tilted forward.
Hexapod Front

Stance used when manipulating objects, standing on 4 legs, weight shifted backwards.

And some more artistic photos . . . .
Dynamixel Box 2
Hexapod Hat


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6 responses to “Hexapod Update”

  1. aworriedstudent says :

    Wow. Wow and scary!

  2. Paul says :

    Hi there!

    I want to build that too!
    We have a laser cutter and a Raspberry Pi.
    Where can I find instructions?

    Greetings from Germany

    • jelle says :

      could please make a list of used parts and a schematic/paper thing of the parts so i can build the structure.
      i really want to program my own to do some stuff

      • ducktaperules says :

        HI, the hexapod uses 18 dynamixel ax-12a servos connected to raspberry pi and power supply. I designed all of the bodywork myself so i don’t have any instructions and unfortunately i no longer have access to the files otherwise i would share them online.

  3. Aan says :

    Can you share files laser cut ?

    I also wanted to make it , this is my email : aan.negerikaledo@gmail.com

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