Science with denim

So this morning I was casually browsing the Epilog (laser cutter) website when I stumbled accost a testimonial that said “We have engraved everything from denim to acrylic with fantastic results”.

I was instantly intrigued. The idea of being able to easily make professional looking custom clothing is amazing. I quickly grabbed the closest pair of good jeans plus an old ripped pair to test on.

Whilst looking for a simple pattern to etch I remembered these designs by mattcantdraw.

With a little rearranging these designs were perfect. I did some tests on an old pair of jeans to find the right power level as I could not find any settings for this online. I started using the same setting that would be used to etch leather however quickly found that this was to powerful and made the material break apart easily. I finally settled on 100% speed 15% power on a 75Watt laser.


I had some trouble fitting the jeans into the cutting bed and found that things had to sit flat so that I did not obstruct the gantry or cutting head.


I’m actually very pleased with how this turned out, the effect produced looks like natural fade, but only in specific areas. I love that these jeans have gone from boring ‘off the shelf’ to something interesting and individual. From now on I will be keeping a look out for other designs that would work like this.

3 responses to “Science with denim”

  1. drnjr31 says :

    Wonder if you could etch through some other material it get different colors?

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