Lego Micro Quadcopter


Recently I managed to get hold of some spares from a few Hubsan x4 micro quads. I have been playing with these quads for a few weeks now and have many questions about how the set-up affects the flight characteristics.

Would angling the blades inwards make the quad more stable at the cost of efficiency?

Would a smaller frame make the quad more agile or would the props cause interference with each other?

Would angling all the props slightly forward make the quad handle more like a plane?

Could the quad support a V-tail set-up?

I decided to make my own chassis for a quad that could be be easily reconfigurable to test out different set-ups. My solution to this was to use Lego as this allows for endless customisation.legoquad3

The final result fly’s nice and weighs the same as the original frame. Adding to this could cause weight issues but I still have a few grams of lifting capacity to play around with. This frame is also slightly smaller, each blade almost touches the one next to it. this seams to have made no difference to performance but the quad seams to corner much nicer due to the lower centre of gravety.


One response to “Lego Micro Quadcopter”

  1. Shawn Sato-Veillon says :

    Any progress or data on your tests? o.O

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