Lego Polargraph

This weekend i visited the mini maker fair in Bristol ( Among the many interesting things i noticed there was a big Polargraph plotter running ( . I have been toying with the idea of building a Polargraph robot for a while and seeing this one has motivated me to finish my own.

This is Just a first prototype that i have made out of Lego as a “proof of concept” model. Unlike most polargraph that have the motors on either corner of the work-space, i have decided to house Both motors together along with the electronics to make this a self contained unit. I have also decided to reel up the cable onto spools so that i don’t need a counterweight like some polargraphs use.


The cables are run to a pair of pulleys then down to the pen holder. the pulleys are on suction cups that can be stuck to any smooth surface such as a window, whiteboard or some walls. This allows for a much more portable and re configurable device than many other polargraph systems.

At the moment i have just made a basic pen holder but i want to add a servo to this to alow for raising and lowering of the pen.


I have only done some basic vector plots and these have turned out well. so far i’m pleased with the results although i think i need to get hold of a color that stands out a bit better than the red i’m currently using.


One response to “Lego Polargraph”

  1. Aaron says :

    this is fantastic!. i just started working on a polargraph too. it is pretty much like the one you mention seeing at the Maker Faire… but using an NXT kit. like yours i’m using spools of string. I haven’t really gotten to the programming yet, but I’m assuming that you’re not using the Mindstorm NXT software. If you don’t mind, what are you using for the programming?

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