2/3 of a hexapod

On Friday i decided to start designing a rough chassis for the hexapod. I only wanted something quick so that i would have something to test with then my controller arrived. I was able to design and laser cut these parts within only a couple of hours.

fresh out the laser cutter

The parts came out really nice for a quick prototype and also cost less than £1 in material.

This morning i had time to finish assembling the parts and attaching the servo’s (the ones that i have anyway). I have already found things i want to change in the next version but that was kind of the point of this. having a prototype to test with allows me to make more informed decisions about the final design. I am very pleased with how this has turned out and cant wait to get controller and servos for the other 2 legs.


One response to “2/3 of a hexapod”

  1. coder says :


    Your Hexapod is awesome!

    But I would like to know more about the laser cutting machine.
    Can you provide some links bout this project?

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