Printrbot PSU upgrade

The place that I work often throw things away that are useless to them, however this does not mean that they useless things.Being a student on tight budget you learn that it would be pointless to waste nice things that get thrown out. This week I managed to pick up a 350W ATX powersuply.

My printrbot came with a 250w psu so this would make a nice upgrade. Because the new one cost nothing i can hack/mod it without feeling to bad if I break it. The original powersupply had ALL the cables you would usually find inside a computer, as 90% of these were not needed they ended up just getting in the way. the printrbot also requires a link inserted in the powersuply to turn on, this link often comes loose and I don’t trust it during long prints.

After opening the supply I cut out all unnecessary cables then de-soldered the loose ends from the PCB.  I wired the start-up line to ground so that the unit is always on then bradded the power cable to tidy it up. As it runs very quietly I also decided to add a small red led strip inside so that I can see when its on.I have also found that the printrbot cable management is not great and the bed often catches trailing cables from the extruder. Messy cables annoy me and I decided to fix this. I bradded all cables that go to the extruder as well as the x stepper cables and bed cables.

Happy with today’s work I can now relax knowing that Sunday has not been wasted.

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