Print bed upgrade . . . Kind of

So today I decided to upgrade my print bed to something a bit stronger. I have read that  many people use a glass printbed so decided this would be a good idea.

firstly I found a piece of mirror that was the correct size. I realised that I needed to drill holes in the corner to screw it down. 4 mm in and 1 drill battery later I realise that you cant drill glass without a glass drilling bit. TO PLAN B, I cut the corners off and mounted this to my print bed with the protective frame corners that the mirror came with. whilst I had the print bed off I also added some cardboard to the under side to provide some insulation as I have been having problems getting the bed to temperature. When I powered it up I instantly noticed it was heating up much quicker and when it reached temperature it was much more stable.

imageIt seamed to be going well but then as I started printing I realised that nothing was sticking to the bed. the surface of the glass is to smooth for the ABS to grip to. I tried to rough it up with some sand paper but this didn’t have much effect. after doing some research it turns out that glass is only suitable for PLA. some have had success with sand blasted glass but as I don’t have a sandblaster to hand I cant really try it.


1. insulating the underside of your heat bed makes a big difference.

2. glass print beds should not be used when printing ABS

3. don’t try to drill holes in glass, if you don’t have the correct equipment its just not going to happen.


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